Pastor Scott Kilborn, is known for the way he brings forth the Love of God.              So many say it’s like an old time anointing in a NEW DAY, Pastor Scott calls it a NOW DAY..  

He is known for his joyful spirit, deep love for God and the love for ALL people from ALL walks of life.  His prophetic messages has ministered to people from all over the world.  Pastor Scott Kilborn’s  heart is to bring three generations together, Pastor Scott believes in the power of three..Young-Middle-Old


Having been raised in and around the church scene his entire life Scott Kilborn preaches a big Jesus and defeated devil.  Pastor Scott’s goal is to impact and impart into a NOW & NEXT generation the Kingdom Message of Faith with the Power of Pentecost.   Pastor Scott doesn’t believe our best days are behind us, but believes we are stepping into them each day we live by faith.

Pastor Scott Kilborn

If you would like to invite Pastor Scott Kilborn to speak at your church or event

Email: scottkilborn@yahoo.com

Call: 606-594-9040


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