”The Well” believes in the BORN-AGAIN experience called being saved. We, here at THE WELL, believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues.
You will experience people sing, shout, dance, clap, run, praise, and worship God with all their being and all their might. Yet at times the services are quiet enough to hear a pin drop as members study the Bible attentively.

We believe that worshiping God embraces the use of all kinds of music and instruments. At ”The Well” Church, one might just hear drums, guitars, saxophones, violins, trumpets, piano and organ to accompany the singing of traditional hymns, country gospel music, spiritual  gospel music,  and even some of the newer praise & worship music.

”The Well” – All these demonstrative worship experiences uplift our hearts and cleanse our minds so that we can receive God’s Word on a deeper level. Once people open their hearts to these spiritual experiences, they find great inspiration and renewal, and, more importantly, a closer walk with Jesus Christ and a greater understanding of His Word.

Our worship services follow a principle of total freedom of expression, a principle well established in God’s Holy Word.

Spiritual Freedom means to be liberated from fleshly control, both from within and from without. It means to have immunity from the specified control and obligations of unbelievers who would prevent us from performing true worship to the LORD from our spiritual heart. Spiritual liberty implies the absence of hindrance, restraint, and confinement of the LORD’s Holy Spirit by one’s carnal reasoning.

People here at ”The Well” will be encouraged to devote their lives to God and to walk in the light of truth that God has given them personally. Most ”The Well” Church members attend church, Bible study, or prayer groups several times a week. In all other respects they participate fully in all aspects of society. They believe in living full, wholesome lives, enjoying good, clean fun, marriage between Male & Female, rearing families, buying homes, going to school and college, developing careers, striving for excellence, and being responsible, moral citizens in all their actions.

We here at ”The Well” Church stand behind what God taught that in Christ there is neither male nor female.
We believe in the 5 Fold ministry gifts( apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers) that each gift is used in line with the Word of God and not for showmanship.

Our mission here is to create a place for people to come as the WOMAN did at the WELL in the bible when she came to draw Natural Water, but this day she would come to ‘’THEE WELL’’ (Jesus who is the well) drink of ”THEE WATER” Salvation-NEW LIFE in CHRIST.

Our goal is to CREATE a place called ‘’THE WELL’’ for people to come that is thirsty and tired of Church as usual, for people to come from all over the country to experience ‘’THE WELL’’ (Christ).

We will be a place that brings forth the Kingdom message of ‘’Faith’’ with the demonstration of the power of Pentecost based from the WORD of God.

Come out  and experience not just another service, but a place where the PRESENCE of GOD FILL’s the house.

”The Well” is where the Word will be preached & taught, Joy restored and everyone’s needs meet. ”The WELL” will produce a LIFE CHANGING LIFE from all walks of life from the youngest to the oldest.

It’s time for the WORLD to COME and DRINK of the LIVING WATER.


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